Photographer & Director of Photography





 Cammel Hurse growing up in both New York and North Carolina, he developed an appreciation for nature and humanity.  At the age of 7 he was already exploring the world of art through 2D drawings, painting and poetry. Cammel would sneak away to look through old albums in order to relive the heart-warming moments in each image. Even though he didn’t know it at the time, he realizes now he had a desire to replicate this experience for others through his photography.  

    Cammel’s journey into the world of photography began at Durham School of the Arts when he took his first photography class in the 10th grade.  He began shooting Candid/ Lifestyle work documenting family gatherings, trips as well as life in High school. His passion grew over the course of his last few years of high school and after graduating in the summer of 2012. Shortly after, he decided to enroll in the photography program at the Art Institute of Raleigh- Durham to hone his skills and pursue the craft as a career.

     Cammel is excited by every photographic challenge that comes his way. Every time he pushes the button, he strives to produce, a photograph that his audience will appreciate and enjoy. While at Ai, he has studied editorial and commercial photography as well as video while at Ai, tirelessly pushing himself out of his comfort zone.

     Cammel will receive a BFA in Photography in December 2015. He will pursue his dream job by traveling to New York City to explore the commercial, editorial, and video industries with intentions of specializing in documenting music and fashion event photography. Eventually, he hopes to open a studio in order to teach others to nurture their passion for the art of photography.